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What is the best vacuum cleaner


Any residence composes the family’s most cozy space in which all actions happen and special minutes are shared. Here is exactly why many individuals set lots of effort in identifying the best strategies to clean effortlessly and quickly. An increasing number of girls want to use simply top rated vacuum cleaners as a way to keep a firm grip over the look of the entire household. These are our pics for the best vacuum cleaner in 2014.


Dyson DC41 Animal Compete Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson have created a very special vacuum cleaner through the DC41 model. The things that set it apart from the rest are the Radial Root Cyclone technology and Ball technology, for the best maneuverability possible. To these trademark features, we also add the lightweight and durable design. The Radial Root Cyclone technology has a sole purpose, to create the maximum suction power possible. Test results have show that, indeed, the suction power of this vacuum is massive. No corner of your home will prove off limits for the revolutionary Ball steering system that is fitted to this vac.

“I honestly don’t believe there is a better vacuum out there than the Dyson DC41. Since I have started using it, my floors look cleaner than ever.” -   Jessica Middleton



Shark Navigator NV22L


Shark Navigator NV22L

One of our team’s top choice is Shark Navigator NV22L because it has a superior suction power and excellent maneuverability. All sorts of debris will be removed with the help of the Never Loses Suction Technology, which can even work efficiently on uneven surfaces, like staircases. The vacuum only weighs 15 lbs and this proves to be the key for its top maneuverability. No corner of your home will prove to be inaccessible for the NV22L. This vac has a lot of accessories as well: a pet power brush, dusting brush, crevice tools and more. These features and more make it the best vacuum cleaner in 2014, in our opinion.

“I am astonished about the excellent functioning of the NV22L. I knew it was well reviewed, but I didn’t believe it will prove to be this good. This is the best vacuum in 2014 for me!” – Rachel Crawford



Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Vertical vacuum cleaner


Dyson DC25Pet owners have a real problem with the mess their little fur balls leave behind. We consider the Dyson DC25 a top choice for a vacuum cleaner, to get rid of this problem. The vacuum’s suction power will remain always constant because it uses the revolutionary Root Cyclone technology, developed by Dyson.  Allergy problems will be dealt with as well, and the HEPA filtration system is the key for this feature. The motorized brush bar has excellent results when removing pet hair, so every last hair strand will be gone.

“No more pet hair problems for me, since I have the Dyson DC25. Although I love my son’s dog, I couldn’t remove all the hair left in its wake. Thankfully, this is not the case now.” – Emily Waiters



Shark Navigator Lift Away


Shark Navigator Lift Away

Another reliable vacuum cleaner to purchase is Shark Navigator Lift Away. The sales figures of this model are off the chart because it manages to have impressive results, cleaning every last dust molecule. All the features for making it a top vacuum cleaner are there: Never Loses Suction Technology, HEPA filtration, to combat allergens, and a high number of floor attachments. The lightweight design is perfect for carrying it up the stairs to your upper floor. We strongly advise getting it, because it has all the makings of an excellent vacuum.

“I have no doubts that this is the best vacuum cleaner in 2014.The 2 months that it has been in my possession have made me realize this.” – George Thompson





Hoover Commercial Elite Upright


Hoover Commercial Elite Upright

Hoover has created a special vacuum through the C1404, which we consider to be worthy of our top chart. It doesn’t just work well on hard floors, it manages to clean properly carpets too. For this purpose it is fitted with 2 brush agitator combs and no dirt or dust can withstand them. The handle can be set at one of its 3 positions to clean more easily under tables and around other pieces of furniture. The C1404 will take care of your allergen problems too, so people with allergies can rest assured.

“I like everything about my new C1404 vacuum. I don’t have any complains to make about how it functions and I even go as far as to recommend it to other people.”  - Alice Roberts

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Miele Olympus S2121 review



Canister vacuum cleaners are extremely easy to use and we believe that Miele Olympus S2121 is the best example for the reliability of such a vacuum. The first feature which impressed us was the surprisingly low weight, which makes it very mobile. Its hose and power cord combine their length to allow a 29,5 inch cleaning radius, big enough for any large room. The vacuum comes with carpet and hard floor cleaning tools, for a complete package. An upholstery tool is also included, proving to be very useful when cleaning sofas and armchairs.

“I have no doubt that the Miele Olympus S2121 is the best vacuum in 2014.My floors have never been cleaner since I have bought it, making me a very satisfied customer.” – Becky Stephenson

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The Characteristics of Miele Olympus S2120:
There are various characteristics that are supplied with  this vacuum cleaner it comes with a simple to utilize six-speed power management. The other characteristics which are within the vacuum cleaner would be the little dusting brush, upholstery nozzle and a little crevice tool. It has a fantastic filtration that is included via a 4.76 Hyclean dust bag having a 4.76 quart load capacity. Another quality which is contained is the self-shutting collar that quickly seals the bag removing any chance of the escape of dust particles in the bag. It has an useful automatic cable rewind characteristic as well as an auto-shut off to stop the overheating of the vacuum.
The pluses of Miele Olympus S2120:
The vacuum cleaner has a  light weight to put to use simply weighing thirteen pounds which could be taken easily. The body of the vacuum is fitted with free-rotating casters which could enable one to go in virtually any way you would like it to go. The vacuum is likewise quite easy to assemble and keep. It additionally supplies you with six distinct suction rates which help in cleaning the various surfaces. It’s extremely silent to work with and doesn’t create loud sounds such that you won’t upset the individuals sleeping as it only can generate a low pitched hum.
Another characteristic when bought is pricey and might be an issue for budget conscious customers. If you’d like superb cleaning of your floors or carpets subsequently this vacuum is perfect for you supplying those services at a rather fair cost.


Hoover Platinum Canister vacuum cleaner review


For a serious family the house must be clean as a transparent manifestation of the folks residing in those living quarters. Men as well as women have become attentive with their living spaces keeping a feeling of clean atmosphere and dust free environment. Here is exactly why a growing number of folks are seeking now for an efficient and professional vacuum cleaner together with the ability to supply support during any cleaning task. Cleaning is also simpler with the best vacuum in 2014.

It’s no surprise to see a growing number of individuals pick Hoover Platinum as a trusted substitute for clean out the comforts of your home.
The Hoover Platinum lightweight bagged upright supplies to the user an exceptional cleaning power and effectiveness which removes dirt from various places like carpets or other floor types in the house. You’ll be in a position to take the vacuum easily from room to room thanks to its light weight and compact design.
A professional and technical Hoover Platinum canister vacuum cleaner review can help you to comprehend the functioning pattern of the merchandise as well so you know what it can and can’t do. This vacuum cleaner is made with intuitive characteristics such as the illuminated fingertip control around the ergonomic handle as well as comes with edge-cleaning channels plus a high-intensity LED headlight supplying therefore a sophisticated and high-tech cleaning tool. The Hoover Platinum vacuum cleaner appears as the top piece of technology on the market. This vacuum cleaner includes a solid simple-to-shift sealed bag created using the HEPA media that immobilizes around 99.97 percent of dust, dust as well as pollen thereby restricting your allergies vulnerability. This rapid-launch, self sealing bag limits to a minimum the likelihood of the debris escaping and so allows you to maintain complete control on the unit.

Moreover you’ll be in a position to move with ease through your home and never experience any problems as the cleaning procedure comes to a conclusion.

The package includes additionally the Hoover Platinum selection mobile canister with tools as well as the, onboard suitable shoulder strap stretch hose thereby covering all of the cleaning needs you may have. This version is also embodied with state-of-the-art elements of the WindTunnel technology which removes dust and minimizes the risk of you getting allergies. Don’t settle for anything else than the best vacuum cleaner in 2014.

Hoover Platinum Canister vacuum cleaner characteristics:
- Embodies the WindTunnel Technology
- Instinctive high-quality ability commands
- HEPA filtration for no allergens
- Self sealing bag

Top robot vacuum cleaners to look for:


Who’d get this: Individuals shopping to get a professional and state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner designed especially to cope with any pet’s hair can choose with confidence the iRobot Roomba Pet Set 532 version. As you read the most effective vacuum cleaning robot review you’ll realize why the iRobot can offer the necessary help in coping with pets as well as the mess they leave behind. The fundamental construction and lengthy characteristics of the vacuum cleaner make it the best electronic device for big spaces empowering an individual to shorten its time plus effort doing this task. You are going to see how this vacuum cleaner covers substantial regions doing the job without taking an excessive amount of your own time. The iRobot Roomba 532 has in its fundamental gear additional brushes as well as a high ability to clean swift with no limitations of any sort. Also many satisfied customers have the opinion that it is the best vacuum in 2014.

Pros: The iRobot vacuum cleaner symbolizes among the best products presently on the marketplace, helping tens of thousands of individuals all over the world to manage the massive amount of hair which their pets leave in various areas of the home. The high capability sweeper canister can immobilize a massive volume of pet hair, cat litter as well as dander along with the specially designed cleaning tools of the iRobot make sure the areas of your home are totally cleaned. It’s also advisable to be aware the robot features as a sweeper that holds approximately three times more debris compared to routine vacuum taking even the most uncooperative hair or dander from several places where you have carpets on the floor or from normal hard floors.

Small disadvantages: Here is exactly where some people have expressed their disappointments concerning the manner in which the vacuum operates. When you read with attention the guide still the functioning pattern of the iRobot vacuum cleaning robot can seem very sensitive. The tips from the manual presents will offer you the perfect strategy to make use of the apparatus.

My report on the iRobot Roomba 532


I used to be becoming rather tired of collecting the hair from my dog, Claus squandering time and noticing after a couple hours that some hair escaped my vacuum cleaner suction. Here is the reason that led me to believe something more complex had to be found and used to cope with this specific issue. I made a decision to locate an electronic device created specifically for pets and competent to wash the mess they leave at home. This is surely another candidate for the best vacuum cleaner in 2014.

I began to look across the web to get a professional efficient cleaner since I used to be quite dissatisfied with what I seen in my area’s hardware store. I was attracted to it by the brushes, the two interchangeable debris bins which may trap a whole lot of hair, cat hair or dander as well as by both virtual walls that use state-of-the-art infrared columns keeping the robot away from off limits spaces.
Useless to mention the high quality and state-of-the-art technology employed in the establishment of iRobot symbolizes the two main characteristics which led me to consider that I found what I had been seeking for. These were the motives that convinced me to get this apparatus.

Roaming from site to site I found that Amazon had the lowest costs for of this cleaning apparatus. Beginning from $328 to $330 the cost on Amazon for the iRobot was exactly what I wanted. The device was purchased by me from Amazon and in a short span of time the order came to my house without the troubles of any kind. Keeping these advantages in mind it is no surprise why it is seen as the best vacuum in 2014.


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